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Our wish is getting forward, we do not like to be old-fashioned. That´s why we bet for High tech:


Digital Radiovisiography: better imatge, less radiation (less than 90% in comparison with analogical X Ray).  VistaScan Mini Plus.

Ortopantomography and maxillary/mandibular digital Scanner Orthophos XD 3D is able to get high quality  bi-dimensional and three-dimensional images with less than 70% radiation in comparison with analogical devices.

Imperative for surgery Planning, specially in Implantology.

Intraoral cameral: for a better communication with patients: allows viewing of details imperceptible to human eye.

Dürr Vista Cam.



From 1997 on I´ve been Swiss Straumann implants user. Several reasons led me to do it: they´re implants makers from 1974 and had always carried out a great amount of studies endorsing their innovations. Currently, Straumann implants are made of an alloy of both zirconium and titanium that  confers them double resistance to forces in comparison to pure titanium implants. If we assume that implants should be inside the bone, this advantage means that we can use smaller implants (shorter and/or narrower) performing on the same way.  That makes tissue regeneration not necessary or less complicated.



Mechanical root canal treatment offers several advantages to classical endodontic treatment: less chair time, more root canal cleaning and disinfection efficiency and subsequently better prognosis of the treated tooth. 

I am Reciproc System user due to its reliability and related studies.



Absolute strict protocols should be applied to disinfection and sterilization. 

Among other measures we have two class B autoclaves: a bomb produces a fractional emptiness, this guaranties a true sterilization, even in the most porous instruments. Class B autoclaves are able to eliminate the prions, protein particles responsible for some strange diseases.

Additionally to  our controls we are in connection with a specialized enterprise in this matter called Clinical Reference.



From 1998 on I collaborate with Institut de Cirurgia Oral i Maxil.lofacial  de Barcelona (linked to Institut Dexeus).
Complex surgeries are carried out with the collaboration of the excellent team led by Dr. Jordi Pàmias and Dr. Eduard Molina.



Removable: if indicated we can use nylon prostheses with invisible retainers that matches the gum color. Flexible and almost unbreakable.

We collaborate with specialized dental lab of José Antonio Bescos in Zaragoza. 

Fixed prosthes: zirconium CAD-CAM has been a revolution in fixed prostheses.

Looks like porcelain but in fact is a metal which makes it unbreakable and impossible to get worn out. We get impeccable designs and perfect adjustments.

From the oral impression a scanner reads the model and passes the information to the computer that gives information to the milling machine who is responsible of the prostheses´ elaboration from a zirconium block.

We collaborate with the following labs:


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