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In our practice, odontopediatrics it is much more than treating kids, is to connect with them, give a positive experience, ensure their oral health, motivate for good hygenic habits from the very beginning.

Odontologia infantil clinica dental gisbert

Prevention and early treatment are essential. We look for a positive experience in every visit. 

Dental trauma in kids

Is very common in childs and teenagers due to falls and other accidents. We recommend the visit as soon as possible.

We will assess you in type and degree of trauma and its better conservative treatment. 


Decay in kids

The most common disease in children. A high sugar diet and lack of dental hygenic habits are the most important causes. Parents surveillance is essential at this period of life.

Decay in milk teeth destroys dental structure, if not stopped can affect permanent teeth. A correct teeth replacement is essential for the proper aesthetics and chewing. We recommend to treat caries as soon as is detected.

Most common treatments are  small and large fillings called dental restorations made of composite.

Anxious children

Kids suffering from anxiety to dental treatments can be treated with conscious sedation: a machine supplies nitrous oxide with oxygen, both produce an important sedative effect without  loss of consciousness.

We place a nasal mask which is removed after the treatment is finished. After some minutes of surveillance, the patient can go back to normal life.



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