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Periodoncia Clinica Dental Gisbert

Currently we have a large amount of techniques that allow us to talk about a painless experience in dental practice.

Every patient is unique and needs to be studied:

  1. A correct diagnosis and medical treatment if necessary are imperative as swelling can stop the anaesthetic from acting.
  2. Topical anaesthesia (spray, liquid or gel).
  3. Local anaesthesia 
  4. Premedication with sedatives and anxyolitics 
  5. Nitrous Gas: a machine supplies this gas in combination with oxygen. Produces a sedative effect without loss of consciosuness. Indicated in anxious kids and adults. 
    We use a mask where the gas is supplied. At the end of the treatment is removed. After some minutes of control and observation the patient is able to return to his regular life.
  6. Intravenous sedation with constants monitoring: if needed we collaborate with a specialist doctor in Anaesthetics responsible for this kind of treatments.
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