Dental implants and prostheses on implants

Dental implants allow restore the natural appearance of the teeth, regain its functionality and gain confidence by smiling. Its advantages are several:

  • They are a permanent and comfortable solution
  • They ensure better chewing with the digestive benefits that this entails
  • We prevent the rest of the teeth from moving
  • We regain the natural aesthetics of your smile

Implants can improve the functionality, aesthetics and confidence of the patient.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants they are artificial pieces of titanium, titanium with zirconium or zirconium that are placed on the maxillary and / or mandibular bone and serve to hold the crowns and dentures (the visible part). Thanks to dental implants we can replace one, several or all teeth so that the patient will feel them as if they were his own.

Before each intervention, we carry out a study that includes at least an articulator assembly of the plaster models of the mouth and a scanner of the area. This allows us to previously simulate the placement of the implants. We can rehearse surgery.

The placement is carried out through a minimally invasive technique in order to preserve as much as possible the anatomy of the area. Once the implant has been integrated with the bone and has a good relationship with the gum, we proceed to incorporate the prostheses.

What are dental implants on implants?

Dental implants on implants consist of a structure that simulates the patient’s teeth held in place by dental implants. They can be fixed or removable (to put on and take off).

Fixed units: crown on implant
Fixes múltiples: varies corones sobre implants, generalment establint ponts entre ell

  • Placement of a crown
  • Fixed bridge of three units
  • All on four (All dentures are fixed in four implants)
  • Removable: called overdentures. They are retained thanks to different implants.
Placement of a crown
Pont fix de tres unitats
All on Four

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