Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry

In our clinic, pediatric dentistry is much more than pediatric dentistry; is to connect with them, provide apositive experience during their visit, ensure their oral health and motivate them to acquire good oral hygiene habits from the beginning.

Prevention and treatment in the early stages is basic. It is important to make sure that the child’s visit is a positive experience.

Dental trauma in children

Dental trauma, ie the fracture of a toothdue to falls and other accidents, they are very common during childhood and adolescence. When a child has a broken tooth, we recommend that you take them to your trusted dentist as soon as possible.

We will assess the degree of impact of the trauma (if it only affects the enamel, dentin and / or root of the tooth) and apply the restorative treatments more appropriate in each case.

Appearance of caries during childhood

Caries is the most common dental disease in children. A high-sugar diet or poor dental hygiene are the leading causes of tooth decay during childhood. That is why parental supervision is very important during this stage of life.

Caries on baby teeththey are infections that destroy children’s dental structure and, if not stopped in time, could affect their permanent teeth. A good development of baby teeth is essential for both the child’s oral aesthetics and proper chewing. At the Dental Clinic Dr. Gisbert we recommend treating caries as soon as possible. The most common treatments in these cases are filling (small) or reconstruction (larger) using composite.

Anxious children

In cases of multiple caries and when all the possibilities of treating the child in the clinic have been exhausted, we collaborate with a team of resuscitating anesthetists and carry out intensive treatments in sessions in the operating room of the Reus Medical Medical Center (Fàbregas Clinic).

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