Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) or bruxism

Disorders of the temporo-mandibular joint or ATMare conditions that can cause pain in the jaw and associated structures, such as the neck, face, or ear. ATM problems usually affect the ability to swallow food, chewing, speaking, facial expressions, or breathing.

Sometimes bruxism has no symptoms and the person does not notice the problem. This is why routine dental checkups become important.

Poor occlusion (bad closing), trauma, muscle contractures, bruxism, stress or tension can be the cause of jaw pain. A detailed analysis is made to arrive at a correct diagnosis and recommend the most effective treatment in each case.

The bruxism

People who suffer from bruxism they clench their teeth tightlybottom with top and / or top crunch back and forth, strong often unconsciously. This disorder can lead to wear and tear of the teeth, hypersensitivity, inflammation, headache and earache, malocclusions, insomnia or anxiety.

The therapeutic approach varies from case to case and may include: ergonomic advice (posture and movements), change of certain habits, physiotherapy treatment (decontarcturant, analgesic and reeducative), measures to counteract stress and discharge splints.

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