Guidelines for combating a problem that affects men and women alike, halitosis is no longer a taboo.

There are few situations, more awkward than having a conversation with someone who stinks of breath. This attitude is unpleasant for the listener, for obvious reasons, and for the speaker, who realizes that another has smelled his problem. He begins to get nervous, and the worst thing is that he does not feel insecure only in front of the person in front of him, but in all their relationships: emotional, social and work. Indeed, according to data released by the Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osteointegration (SEPA), 30% of the adult population suffers or has suffered from halitosis at some point and as we discussed, this condition has consequences for possible health implications, but also because it affects the individual who suffers on a psychological scale.

The action plan to combat it is as follows:
1. Visit your dentist.
2. Avoid eating foods high in fat, spicy garlic, onion or alcohol.
3. Rub your tongue while brushing.
4. Help yourself with natural products such as mint leaves or green tea.

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